Why can't I see emails on Webmail?

Updated by Josselyn Rodriguez

Make sure you're checking the correct email account

Are you using the correct login? A common mistake is using the 'admin' account instead of the other email accounts you created and want to check. If you want to check your email from your control panel for other accounts, go to Email Accounts and locate the email address and click Check Email.

See if your emails are being auto-forwarded

From cPanel, go to Forwarders and you will see a list of email addresses with forwarders, if any. You can delete the forwarder or click trace to see the route emails sent to the email address are taking.

Check for restrictions

From cPanel, go to Email Accounts and locate the email address in question and click Manage. Scroll down to the Restrictions section and make sure Receiving Incoming Mail is set to Allow and click Update Email Settings. Try sending a test message to the email account after this.

Check your firewall

Sometimes your firewall may block emails from getting to you. To change this, go to your firewall and change your settings to add your domain name, for example, in the approved list.

If none of these options are working, try clearing your browser's cache.

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