How do I access webmail without accessing the control panel?

Updated by Josselyn Rodriguez

Even though you can access your email through cPanel or Plesk, using webmail directly can save you time in the login process. You will need to set up an email account through cPanel or Plesk before proceeding to the next steps. Check out this article on how to do so.

Webmail for cPanel

  1. Go to or where is your email address's domain.
  2. Enter the full email address ( and the password you have set for it. Please do not use your cPanel username and password to log into webmail. You will be logged into the default email account which is not configured to send emails.
  3. Once you have logged in, if you have not logged in to Webmail before, or if you have not set a default, the initial Webmail interface will display the logos for three Webmail applications. Choose from Horde, SquirrelMail or RoundCube. These are the three interfaces that allow you to send, receive, and reply to email and you can switch between them any time. If you're unsure which webmail client to us, please check out cPanel's documentation for a comparison.

Webmail for Plesk

  1. Go to where is your email address's domain.
  2. Enter your full email address ( and password.

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