How can I use Dreamweaver as an FTP Client?

Here's how to use  Dreamweaver as  an FTP client to upload your web pages to your website: 

  1. Click on Menu and Site > New Site... 
  2. In the tab, go to Local Info
  3. For Site Name, put the name you want for this profile
  4. For local Root, select the directory you want to store the local copy of your website. (eg. D:websitesmysite
  5. For HTTP Address, put (Replace "yourdomain" with your domain)
  6. Leave the rest as default 
  7. For the Remote Info Tab, obtain the username and password for your website from the email that was sent to you when you signed up
  8. Input the following:

Access: FTP 
FTP Host: (replace "yourdomain" with your domain) 
Host Directory: 
Username (replace "Username" with your Username) 
Password (replace "Password" with your Password) 

This is all you will need for setting up an FTP connection to your website with Dreamweaver. If you are an advanced user, you may customize the rest of the settings. You will also need to consult your Dreamweaver manual for editing and uploading your content to your website.

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