Mailing Restrictions/Limits on Shared Servers

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Canadian Web Hosting's strict 'No Spam' policy

Our shared hosting plans are not intended for bulk mailing or spamming as it is designed only for regular day-to-day mailing activities. You can find all the details about our 'No Spam' policy in our terms of service.

To secure our servers against spam and prevent mail IP addresses from getting blacklisted, we have applied multiple techniques including a spam firewall and have set few restrictions on our shared servers.

Hourly Limit

Outbound mails are limited to 250 emails per 30 minutes per email account, and 500 emails per hour per domain.

Mail Scripts

Scripts sending more than 1,500 emails per hour will be disabled automatically. This is to prevent using spamming scripts on shared servers.


We use this option prevent the most common form of spam abuse on servers that bypasses Exim mail server and sends spam directly out through SMTP ports 25, 465, and 587. This option will prevent any web script from sending out using socket connection, such scripts should use the Exim or Sendmail binary instead.

If you are using external mail servers such as Gmail, MailChimp/Mandrillapp or other mailing scripts, you will encounter issues. To allow your account/scripts to be able to send emails using these external mail servers, please fill out this form and email it to

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