I uploaded my content to my site, but I only see the old content. What is going on?

Your problem is most likely a browser problem. In order for you to see often-viewed pages quickly, your browser saves a copy of recently-viewed pages to your hard-drive. This is called "caching." If you want the most recent version from the server you need to "refresh" your browser. 

To do this on a Windows machine press Control-F5 or press control while clicking on the "refresh" button on your browser. If this does not work, first make sure that your index page is called "index.htm" (Apache Web servers are case sensitive when it comes to the names of all pages). If the page name is correct, then refer to your account settings email and make sure that you are placing your content in the correct directory (public_html or www directory).

You can also clear your cache in your browser. Go to Settings > History > Clear data > Clear cache.

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