How do I transfer a domain name to Canadian Web Hosting?

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If you have a domain name registered with a different registrar (such as GoDaddy or Google) and want to move it to Canadian Web Hosting, you need to:

  1. Ensure you have access to the owner/administrator e-mail address for the domain. If you do not know what e-mail this is, please contact your current registrar for assistance. A transfer approval will be sent to this email address so it is important that you have access to it.
  2. Obtain your domain's EPP/Authorization key or contact your domain’s registrar with a request to have it sent to you. This code will be sent to the e-mail address in step 1.
  3. Once you receive the code, log in to your Cloudash client portal and go to the Domains section.
  4. On the top-right corner of the Domains section there will be a blue + Add Domain button. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can initiate the transfer.
  5. Enter the domain name you want to transfer in the first field and click Continue. A message saying that the domain is already taken will appear and then it will display a new section.
  6. Registrars require the registrant (you, owner of the domain) to register the domain for at least 1 year when transferring, which means a year will be added to the expiration date upon successful transfer. The cost of transferring/renewing your domain for another year is shown in the Domain Name section.
  7. If you want to add ID Protection* to your domain, click the slider beneath the ID Protect section. ID Protection is free for .ca domains and $15/year for other domains.
  8. Enter the EPP/Transfer Authorization code you received in the relevant field and choose the period (in years) that you want your domain registered for and click ‘Continue’.
  9. You will receive an e-mail at the address in step 1 requesting approval for the transfer. Clicking the link contained in the e-mail will approve and initiate the transfer.

Please note that domain transfers can take up to business 7 days depending on how long it takes your registrar to provide you with the necessary information, for you to approve the transfer, and for the registry to update the records.

* Please note that when GDPR came into effect, WHOIS records are no longer public. If you do not add ID protection, your information will still be protected, but this could change if our registrar decides to make any changes around GDPR or if GDPR's rules change. If you add ID protection, your information will remain protected even if the GDPR protection is revoked at any point.

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