Changing PHP values/settings : custom php.ini

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CloudLinux PHP Selector

On our shared Linux servers, we use CloudLinux OS. CloudLinux offers a feature called PHP selector and it allows you to change PHP settings and PHP version from your cPanel.

cPanel >> Software >> Select PHP Version

You can set custom PHP values and enable/disable PHP modules from "Select PHP Version" option. Click on "Switch to PHP Settings" to see and change current PHP settings and values.

PHP Selector also allows you to change PHP version for your account/all domains. To change PHP version :

Software >> Select PHP Version >> Select PHP version you want to use from the drop down box and click on "Set as current".

Note : On shared Linux plans, dedicated and VPS servers with CloudLinux OS, custom php.ini values can conflict with PHP Selector settings if not configured carefully and can result in errors. So do not copy/upload php.ini files from another server and we recommend using PHP selector to customize values instead. If you can't find a PHP parameter/value you want to modify under PHP Settings, please contact us.

MultiPHP INI Editor

On cPanel servers without CloudLinux, you can make use of cPanel's MultiPHP INI Editor feature to configure custom values.

cPanel >> Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor

Having trouble? Contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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