How to Setup Access database files .mdb

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  1. Where do I upload my access database files (*.mdb) and how do I setup it up in Plesk?
  2. I uploaded my file into the /private directory but I keep getting a permissions error. How do I setup proper permissions for my access file?

For MS Access database files, it is advisable to upload it on the same level as httpdocs.

First, Create a directory called db or you can use the private directory. For DSN connection setup:

1. Goto your Plesk control panel and select "ODBC Data Sources"

2. Click "Add ODBC DSN"

3. From here set connection name and select driver from drop down list.

4. On next step, provide Database file path, Login ID and Password. For path use "C:/Inetpub/vhosts/" - (replace with your domain name and dbfilename.mdb with your actual file name) - Also note some server paths may be different. Please contact our support for the actual path for your server. After entering details, you may test connection or proceed to finalize.

5. Once done, please contact our support so that we may edit the permission for you. If you are on a VPS, you can simply Remote Desktop into your VPS and add the application pool identiy to permit the proper access to your file.

For direct file name connection simply skip the DSN step above. If you still have problems connecting to your database file, please Contact us.

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