How can I Configure my FTP Client?

You can use several different FTP applications that you can use. These include FileZilla and CoreFTP for Windows, and Cyberduck for Mac.

  1. Click on the Configure FTP Client link that links to your FTP account, where you would like to connect your FTP server.
  2. You can download XML file by clicking on the FTP or SFTP link provided to you. As a reminder, proceeding with this step will overwrite previous XML configurations you made have had previously.
  3. Open up the FileZilla client and go to Files > Import.
  4. Select the XML file you downloaded above, and click OK. Click OK again when the Import Settings window pops up.
  5. Click OK button when the window Import Successful pops up.
  6. Click Files > Site Manager.
  7. Select the domain from the menu and click Connect.
  1. Download and install Core FTP.
  2. Select your FTP or SFTP file and save it to your desktop.
  3. Find the file, and double click on the file you downloaded. As you do this, Core FTP will automatically log you into your FTP account.
  4. Click Sites >Site Manager. Next, right click the main window and click Import > Core FTP. Select saved configuration file to import the data.
  1. Download Cyberduck.
  2. Download the FTP configuration or SFTP configuration and save it onto your desktop.
  3. Double click on the file you just downloaded.
  4. Cyberduck will automatically open up the file and log you onto your account.

Note that if you are unable to find your FTP configuration, you can access it via cPanel.

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