What is an add-on domain and how do I add one?

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An add-on domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel. Think of it as having multiple hosting packages that all share the same control panel. You can create email addresses, forwarders and more—the same way you do for your primary domain on the account. The only difference is that the files share the same control panel and server.

How does an add-on domain work?

When creating an add-on domain, three things happen:

  • a folder is created in the public_html directory
  • a subdomain is created for the primary domain and attached to the new folder
  • the new domain name is associated with the subdomain

For example, if you have the primary domain example.com and you assign the add-on domain example123.com to the folder "example123," the following URLs would be correct:

  • example.com/123
  • example123.example.com
  • example123.com

​All three of these paths would access the same directory and show the same website. For visitors going to ​example123.com, there is no evidence that they are being routed through ​example123.example.com.

What plans support add-on domains?

For our Linux customers, our Express and Enhanced plans will allow you to host 10 and unlimited add-on domains, respectively. For our Windows customers, add-on domains cost $5/month/domain.

Please note that add-on domains need to be registered and point to our server in order to function.

How do I add an add-on domain?

For cPanel customers:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Go to Add-on Domains under the Domains section
  3. Enter the domain under New Domain Name
  4. After the domain is entered, the Subdomain and Document root fields will automatically populate. To choose a different subdomain or document root other than the default ones, simply change the contents of the fields, keeping in mind these values must be unique.
    1. To create an FTP account for the new addon domain, click the Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain checkbox. When you select this checkbox, additional settings will appear:
      1. cPanel automatically populates the FTP Username text box. To select a different FTP account username, manually enter the desired username.
      2. Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes.
  5. Click Add Domain

For Windows Plesk Shared Hosting customers, please contact our support team for assistance.

Having trouble? Contact us and our team will be happy to assist you.

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